Player ID FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Player ID


What if my child is going to miss Player ID but still wants to play with Salvo SC?

Register for Player ID.  Within the registration, there is a question about attending.  Please answer that you will not be attending.  We can not place you on a team unless you have registered for Player ID.

What if my child wants to be considered for the position of goalkeeper?

There will be no specific goalkeeper sessions for U9 and U10/11 birth years.

For all U12-U18 birth years, your child should attend the Player ID session for their age group and the program that they want to be considered for.  On day one, your child should arrive at the scheduled time and plan to stay through the field player session. The early portion will be spent with goalkeeper staff before joining the field players in small-sided to full games. Day two, your child should arrive at the same time as the field players and will play in the games.

Please note on the Player ID registration form that your child is a goalkeeper.

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What to expect on the day of Player ID?


  • Arrive 30 minutes early 
  • Check-in at a specific location 
  • Salvo SC staff and outside evaluators run and evaluate the players
  • Salvo SC requests that parents stay in designated areas 
  • Parents are not allowed beyond the check-in table
  • Parents are encouraged to check-in, drop-off, and return 5 minutes before completion of Player ID session for their child

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What should my player wear to their Player ID session?


  • Player ID number received at check-in
  • Black or dark shorts
  • Black or dark socks

What should my player bring to their Player ID session?


  • Water
  • Properly inflated soccer ball
  • Cloth / rag to wipe down soccer ball
  • Light and dark-colored shirt - Salvo SC staff will tell you which shirt to be in at check-in
  • Proper soccer gear: shoes, shin guards, and soccer socks

FAQs 4

What will happen after Player ID?


  • Salvo SC staff and evaluators form teams and team rosters are communicated.
  • Each player has the option to accept a roster spot via an online process.  An email will be sent with instructions on how to accept roster spots.


My child is a multi-sport athlete - can they still play soccer?

Multi-Sport Player Expectations

Fall: Soccer practices and games come before other sports. It needs to be the main priority. If conflicts do arise, please talk to your coaches.

Winter: If you have a game or practice for your winter sport that conflicts with soccer, your winter sport takes precedent.

Spring/Summer: Soccer practices and games come before other sports. It needs to the main priority. If conflicts do arise, please talk to your coaches.

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