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About Salvo Soccer Club


English – ‘A Spirited Coordinated Attack’ Latin – ‘Without Prejudice’
Spanish – ‘Safe’

Salvo SC has been created by REV SC, Woodbury SC, and their respective community organizations with the purpose of delivering the best holistic youth soccer development in MN for ages 4-45+ at the Community, State, Regional and National levels.

At our core, we develop our young people through the world’s sport by teaching ownership, teamwork, leadership, and self-respect.

These skills are built through a coordination of efforts; a purposeful curriculum designed by the most licensed and experienced coaches in the state, delivered consistently to players of all ages and skills, and inclusive of all communities aiming to reach new heights.

Salvo SC builds confidence in teams and players, on and off the field. Whether competing at the Community level or highest levels in the Nation, Salvo SC is focused on enabling players to reach their greatest potential.

The new gold standard for youth soccer development.

Salvo Soccer Club is born.

Our Merger and Why it Matters:

REV SC and Woodbury SC have created Salvo Soccer Club to better serve the Minnesota community of soccer players and their families by delivering the best in youth soccer development.

Vision – Salvo SC’s vision is to provide high quality developmental experiences at all levels of play for our youth players, families, coaches, referees, and staff.  And to make positive impacts to the communities in which we live and play.  The Salvo SC club model is driven by highly licensed and experienced staff supported through community partnerships and state-of-the art facilities.

Purpose – To grow and expand youth soccer in the state of Minnesota through unrivaled curriculum and programming focused on the long term athletic development of players ages 4-21+ at all levels of play. Salvo SC will provide enhanced individual player and team based opportunities through access to new leagues, programs, events and facilities.

Core Competencies -

  • Player development
  • 4 – 45+ at all levels of play, Salvo SC curriculum supports long term athletic development focused on a player's whole soccer experience. This includes skill development, position-based training, and team training designed to further individualized player growth.
  • Staff development
  • The most licensed staff in Minnesota ranging from former pro players and coaches, college coaches and high school coaches.
  • Facilities and Environment
  • Access to the most field time (indoor and outdoor) in the State with partnerships that keep our players healthy, physically and mentally.

TC Orthopedics

TC Orthopedics

Nike Premier Club

Nike Premier Club

Woodbury Athletic Association

Woodbury Athletic Association

Land O'Frost

Land O'Frost


Communities list

Apple Valley
Mendota Heights
West St. Paul
and surrounding areas