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General FAQ

Icon What Is the Inclement Weather Policy?

From extreme heat to cold weather, lightning strike protocols, and handling home and away game rescheduling, our weather policy covers as much as it can to help players, coaches, staff, and families stay safe.

Salvo SC leadership will communicate with teams no later than 3:30 p.m. if home games or practices will be canceled due to field closures or forecasted inclement weather.

Inclement Weather Policy

Icon Where Is Salvo SC Located?

We say Salvo is a Twin Cities-based club. This is because we’re not limited by one specific location or community for our teams or training, but that doesn’t mean all of our members have to zig-zag the state for each practice and game!

Our Performance programs operate in “hubs” based on approximate location. We have South, Central, and East teams, and these teams use facilities for practices in their general geographic area. Where this changes in our Performance program is the High Performance and Girls Academy teams. These teams are not formed or based on location, and they do require more time and ability to travel. We have players that come from all over the state of Minnesota to play for Salvo!

Our Community programs operate within the community they serve. Our Farmington/Rosemount program practices and plays in Rosemount; in partnership with WAA, we offer Community soccer in Woodbury; and in Mendota Heights, we offer Community soccer in Mendota Heights (and West St Paul during the winter for indoor).

Icon What Is the Difference Between Community & Performance?

Salvo's Community recreational program is for players 5-18 years old. The focus of our Community program is for players to learn soccer fundamentals in a less competitive environment, have fun, and develop a passion for the sport. Players can transition to our Performance program through our Player ID sessions.

For more information on community programs, visit our boys and girls recreational soccer pages.

​Salvo's Performance (or traveling) program is for players 9-19 years old. The Performance program is for players who are ready to take their development in this sport to the next level and are able to commit a greater amount of time to practices, training, and games. Within Performance, each tier becomes more challenging, with higher expectations from coaches and fellow teammates.

For more information on performance programs, visit our Performance pages.

Community/Recreation FAQ

IconCommunity Locations
IconCommunity Seasons
  • Winter: All locations
  • Spring: All locations
  • Summer: Woodbury only
  • Fall: All locations
IconCommunity Refund Policy
  • Before first day of the season 100%.
  • Within the first week of the season 50%.
  • Within the second week of the season 25%.
  • No refund of Late Fees.

* WAA will hold a $30 admin fee on ALL Woodbury registration refunds.

​Volunteer Coaches:
​There is one player fee refund allotted per team. The standard policy is to provide 100% of this to the head coach of each team after the season has concluded.* If a head coach would like to split this with their assistant coach**, they are welcome to email Jenna at to request this prior to the end of the season.

*Refunds are only processed for head coaches who have completed the background check and Trusted Coaches or other specified requirements by the deadline given prior to the season.
** Assistant coaches must also complete the requirements mentioned above.

IconWho Coaches Community Soccer?

Our community programs are parent-coach-driven! All teams are coached by parent volunteers with coaching plans and resources provided by Salvo staff.

If you are registering for a season of community, we want you to be a coach! Our volunteer coaches are vital to our community program and the experience of our players. No soccer experience is required; coaches are provided with all necessary materials, including weekly coaching plans and activity ideas.

IconWhat Is Community+?

The Community+ program is for players 8-9 years old who plan to transition to our Salvo Soccer program. Community+ is offered through our Woodbury Athletic Association Powered by Salvo during the spring and fall seasons.

Community+ Soccer is geared to create a fun yet challenging environment. Our friendly and qualified staff work with players on some of the following concepts: dribbling with all parts of the feet, 1v1, stop and start, turns, passing and receiving, and other soccer-related techniques. Players also participate in scrimmages and games.

Players in the program train one extra night each week with a Salvo SC National Youth License coach. They also play with other clubs in surrounding communities during the season.

Performance FAQ

IconWhat Is Player ID?

Player ID represents Salvo’s version of “tryouts.” Players are assessed on their soccer skills and fitness by Salvo coaches and evaluators to determine the team that would suit them best. Salvo does not make cuts! All players will be assigned to a team as long as there are enough players to make a team at the appropriate age and skill level. Visit our Player ID page for more information.

The Girls Academy program does make cuts and follows a different process for Player ID. Visit the Girls Academy page for more details.


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