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Team Manager Resources

Team Manager Resources

Team Managers are a vital part of a successful performance team. They handle the administrative duties for the team, allowing the coach and trainers to prepare the players for competition. Salvo SC coaches are asked to communicate directly to the families on team development, expectations, and progress, while managers are the communications liaison between the parents, Salvo SC administrators, scheduling entities, and tournament directors for all other topics.

​A successful and enjoyable season requires a strong partnership between the manager and coach and good planning.

Required Documentation for Managers

Before the team manager can start anything, there are certain forms that must be completed. The league your team is participating in will determine which of the following requirements the team manager will need to complete. If you are unsure of what league your team is participating in, please contact your director.

*You will need an access code. TCSL will have the code for you, to request access for MYSA, please contact Anne Olson.

Manager Information Links

IconTeam Expenses

Each team will have expenses that go beyond what the player registration fee covers. These expenses may include tournament registration fees, coach travel, extra dome space costs, winter league fees, referee fees, etc.

Team Managers are not responsible for collecting these fees. Salvo SC staff will set each team's budget based on the expectations for the team. Families will set up their payment of these fees as a part of the registration process. We will adjust the team fees being collected as we finalize rosters and determine actual expenses incurred.

Team budgets are on the team’s resource tab in PlayMetrics and are reflective of expenses that have been spent by the team, updated as of the date in the top corner of the page.

All questions regarding team fees and team budgets should be directed to Please include your team's name in the subject line of every email. Your team name is the last two digits of the birth year, gender, geo-location, and color. For example, 06G East Red, 09B South Grey, 02B Navy.

What is Included in the Player Registration Fee?

  • For High Performance: (Navy, Orange, White) Registration Fee
  • For Elite: (Steel, Grey) Registration Fee
  • For Travel: (Red, Crimson, Scarlet) Registration Fee

Actual Team Expenses
​To review an up-to-date report of your team's actual expenses, submit your request to Please only submit one request per month.

Team Fees
Check Request & Expenses Form
Submit check request forms and receipts to

Coach Travel
Travel Reimbursement Form
​Coaches will submit travel reimbursement forms and receipts to

IconPractices & Scrimmages

Teams are scheduled based on their program. A contact is a practice, game, or Training Haus session. Travel (Red, Crimson, Scarlet) and Select/Elite (Steel, Grey, Carbon) teams have three weekly contacts. HP (Navy, Orange, White) teams have four weekly contacts. Girls Academy teams have 4-6 contacts per week. Salvo staff built the field schedule to match this tempo.

Teams should anticipate getting half a field for all outdoor practices. Coaches can see who will be on the other side of the field by selecting Schedules in the side menu of PlayMetrics.​

If you need to adjust your schedule by adding or dropping a session, coaches/managers should fill out the Field Form-Practices. Please allow 48 hours for a response to requests.

Any practice changes should consider the tempo of contacts prescribed for your team’s level.

If there is a coaching conflict, first consider moving the practice. If moving the game or practice is not possible, it should be arranged in advance to have another Salvo coach cover the session and communicate with the team.

Teams can request to use space for scrimmages throughout their season. There will be a cost associated with using space. This cost is typically split between the two teams scrimmaging. To schedule a scrimmage, reach out to Jacob​ at

When emailing, please include:

  • Team info (07G East Red, 11B South Steel, etc...)
  • Opponent (if Salvo, team info, if non-Salvo, just club name)
  • Reservation location and start and stop time
  • Scrimmage start time. It’s OK to put ASAP if you want to start as soon as possible once you have the field or to identify how much warm-up time you want after the reservation starts.
IconGames & Tournaments

Game Reschedule Field Request Form (MYSA & TCSL)

Winter Game Reschedules
If you need to reschedule a TCSL or NPL game, please do the following:

  1. Make sure the reschedule request meets the league requirements of a game reschedule. For TCSL, per 9.1.2 Reschedules: Reschedules (with the exception of weather-related reschedules) to a different date are not permitted unless written approval is obtained from the League Office. For NPL, per 3.5, if any NPL Competition is canceled, the participating clubs shall attempt to reschedule the NPL Competition. If the participating clubs cannot agree on a rescheduled date, the NPL General Manager shall determine if and how such NPL Competition shall be rescheduled. If the NPL General Manager finds that it is impossible to reschedule such a canceled NPL Competition, the NPL Competition shall be considered a non-played game, and neither team shall be awarded any points.
  2. Salvo home game reschedule requests are made from the Game Reschedule Form.
  3. You will receive a confirmation or decline email in regard to your request.
  4. If you receive confirmation, you will work with Jacob LaDue to submit the new information to TCSL for the winter. For the summer, you will use the rescheduled information sent out by TCSL in order to submit the change before the deadline.
  5. Questions? Contact Jacob.

To continue with our team budget process, Salvo SC staff will register your team for all tournaments. Managers should no longer be completing registrations or payments.

What you do:

  • Fill out the form below. One submission per event (do this for Salvo tournaments as well).
  • Make sure you receive an email confirming that your submission went through (check spam/junk).
  • Wait.

What happens next?

  • Your Program Lead will approve your team’s request.
  • Once approved, I will register and pay (the money comes from your Team fees).
  • You will receive a message confirming that your team has been registered.
  • I step out of the process.
  • Once your team is accepted, you can book hotel blocks, check-in your team, etc.

Questions? Email Julie Oliver | Registrar-Events


How are tournaments decided?

  • For all HP (Navy/Orange/White) and Elite/Select (Steel/Grey/Carbon) teams, tournaments will be determined by the Director in conversation with the Coach.
  • For all Travel and Seasonal (Red/Crimson/Scarlet) teams, tournaments will be suggested by Salvo SC based on previous experience with well-run events. Still, final decisions should be made by the Coach with team input based on availability.
IconClub Communication

Team Manager Coordinator - Alicia Oferosky
Boys Registrar - Tara Rasmussen
Girls Registrar - Anne Olson
Tournaments/Events Registrar - Julie Oliver
Fields - Jacob LaDue
Referees - Colleen Hase
Social Media - Tori Burnett


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