Playmetrics FAQ

We are very excited to announce our partnership with PlayMetrics, our new all-in-one registration and communications software platform. PlayMetrics reduces the applications you use (combining Demosphere, TeamSnap, and Bookafield)​ to interact and communicate with our club and your teams. Using the PlayMetrics app on your mobile phone, you can now register and communicate with us, taking our club communication and organization to the next level.


Please click the link below and follow the instructions provided to create an account. Next, verify your email and add your players to your account. Once you’ve added players, you can register for any open Salvo SC registration that is open to your player (Player ID, Community Soccer, etc)!

Playmetrics Registration Video Tutorial

Playmetrics Help

​As you begin using PlayMetrics, you may have questions about how to navigate your account. The Help articles below offer instructions as you start using the system.


PlayMetrics allows you to register and communicate with your teams all in one place whether at home or on the go. It helps us communicate with all of our families more clearly and effectively, including updates to practice schedules and field closures as they happen. The PlayMetrics platform ensures that you are always in sync with your team and never out of the loop.

The PlayMetrics Customer Support team is ready to assist with any questions you may have. Feel free to contact them with any account questions or feedback by simply emailing


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