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Icon Weather Policy

At Salvo SC, the safety of our players, families, coaches, referees, and staff is a top priority. The following policy is in place to keep all our members safe. If you have any doubts about the weather, please follow your best judgment as to whether your child should play on a given night, especially in the case of lightning or extreme heat.

Salvo follows the weather policy of MYSA, which can be found here: ​

Salvo SC will make weather-related adjustments by 3:30 p.m. in all seasons whenever possible. Communication about these adjustments will be sent through email and posted on our website.

Icon Refund Policy for Performance Players

PERFORMANCE REFUND POLICY AGREEMENT: The initial deposits made toward registration and team fees are non-refundable. If the player status changes after registration has been completed, all fees paid to date are non-refundable and non-transferable to another family member's account. In the event of a player injury, the injury refund policy will apply.

[revised 1/15/2020]


The policy below is related to any player that sustains an injury that requires a 3-month or longer rehabilitation process and how fees for that player are handled.

  • If a player incurs an injury that will result in them being excluded from all sport/physical activities outside of their prescribed rehab for a period of three (3) months or greater AND that injury occurs before training for their team begins for the year (ie August 15 if fall team and November 1 if winter/summer team) AND the player intends to return to play for the season, thus we are holding their roster spot for them, then we grant them a 25% refund for their club registration fees (including league registration, coach fees, and dome fees). Team fees (including tournament fees, coach travel fees, and other team-related fees collected by the manager) will be collected and incurred as usual for this situation.
  • If a player incurs a similar injury occurring at any time AND they do not intend to return to play, then their club registration fees are stopped at the time that they notify us of non-return. (In the event they have paid in full at registration, the refunded amount would be prorated as follows based on the month the injury occurs: Sept-Oct:75%; Nov-Dec 50%; Jan-Feb 25%; March-July 0%) They also will not receive a release from the club to participate with another soccer program. Team fees will be suspended for this situation, and a refund will be made for any event that has not occurred.
  • If a player incurs an injury occurring after training begins and they intend to return to play, no refund will be granted. Team fees will be collected and incurred as usual for this situation.
Icon Refund Policy for Community Rec Players
  • Before first day of the season 100%.
  • Within the first week of the season 50%.
  • Within the second week of the season 25%.
  • No refund of Late Fees.

* WAA will hold a $30 admin fee on ALL Woodbury registration refunds.

​​Volunteer Coaches: There is one player fee refund allotted per team. The standard policy is to provide 50% of this to each of the two coaches for each team after the season has concluded.* If the two coaches have agreed to a different split**, they are welcome to email Jenna at to request this prior to the end of the season.

*Refunds are only processed for coaches who have completed the background check and Trusted Coaches or other specified requirements by the deadline given prior to the season. **Both coaches must complete the requirements mentioned above.

Icon Uniforms & Fan Wear

Uniforms and fan wear can be purchased through

Sign in, or select your team and player, for specifics on required uniform items.


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