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Soccer Camps & Training

Youth Soccer Camps & Training

Want extra ball-handling training, more chances to practice 1v1 attacks, or just more opportunities to play soccer? Then check out Salvo SC’s camps, soccer school, and more! With offerings in the summer and winter, your soccer player always has the ability to learn more techniques in an inclusive environment, push their soccer skills beyond their comfort zone, and develop their whole character in the process. Discover a camp or training regimen that works for your child!

Soccer Camps vs. Soccer School

Our various youth soccer training programs are offered at different times of the year, for different age groups, and with different focuses. Here’s a quick guide to know which training program is best for your player:

Soccer Camps

Camps are generally only offered in the summer on outdoor fields. The week-long camps are geared for entry-level soccer players ages 5-14 and focus on developing player confidence.

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Soccer School

The Salvo SC Soccer School is a specified training program for players ages 9-14 with some experience. It is an indoor training program only offered in the winter.

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Player ID (Try-outs) & Registration

Our Player ID sessions are like tryouts, but not really! It’s about letting your soccer players play soccer, have fun, and do their best. Then our coaching staff assesses what Performance teams each player is best suited for so we can build teams that play well and fit our different communities and families’ lifestyles.

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Training HAUS

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Our partnership with Training HAUS allows us to better serve our Girls Academy and High Performance players with specialized training designed to optimize performance and crucial data to support athletes and coaches when making decisions.

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