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Boys Youth Soccer

At Salvo SC, our mission is to mold exceptional individuals through soccer by cultivating influential players who thrive both on the field and in life. Supported by an environment that upholds rigorous technical standards in youth development, we foster overall growth and instill a passion for the game. Our top-tier coaching, first-rate facilities, and exposure to regional competitions enable all players to strive for and attain their soccer goals.

Salvo Player Pathway gridSalvo Player Pathway grid

Recreation & Competitive Program Differences

Players have the flexibility to switch between these programs according to their needs. However, when they decide which program to follow, they should consider their objectives in playing soccer, as well as the time and travel demands involved.

Our Recreation Programs Through Salvo SC

Our recreation program caters to players ages 5-18 years old. The program primarily aims to instill the basic aspects of soccer in a slightly competitive, enjoyable atmosphere, fostering a love for the sport.

The player pathway graphic provides a simple organization of age groups, community sites, and possible transitions to our competitive program.

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Competitive Programs Through Salvo SC

Our Competitive and travel programs are tailored for individuals aged 9-19 who are eager to further their proficiency in the sport. These programs cater to those ready to give more time to training, practice sessions, and games that will advance their skills to a new level.

As participants move up through the levels within the competitive programs, they will encounter increasingly rigorous challenges, with higher expectations from both coaches and teammates. Refer to the graphic for a basic breakdown of age groups and program options.

Our competitive programs provide opportunities for your player to engage in competition at all levels. Our affiliations are with various state and national leagues.

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Player ID (Try-outs) & Registration Information

Find a place to belong, compete, and enjoy the game in our soccer club! Fill out our registration form to help us place your child in the most suited spot in our club.

If your soccer player is interested in playing in our competitive program or you want more information on how to get into our competitive teams, check out our Player ID page.

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