9U - 15U Salvo SC Fall Classic

Salvo SC Fall Classic

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Join us for the 2023 Salvo SC Fall Classic!

Registration for the 2023 Salvo SC Fall Classic closes Friday, 9/15 (unless it fills sooner!) so we can begin forming brackets and schedules.

If your club registers 5+ teams, we will send a single check to the club with a $25/team rebate after the event.

***Registration for the 2023 Salvo SC Fall Classic is now closed.***

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Tournament Information

All Salvo SC tournaments are Stay To Play for teams traveling 90+ miles away from Woodbury, MN. Please click the Hotel icon below for more instructions on how to reserve your room blocks for your team.


  • 3-game schedule guarantee
  • Brackets for ALL levels
  • Quality competition
  • Beautiful, well-groomed fields and facilities
  • On-site athletic training provided by Twin Cities Orthopedics

Levels of Play Guide

  • GOLD: Appropriate for TCSL National and higher-level Regional teams.
  • SILVER: Appropriate for lower-level Regional and higher-level State teams.
  • BRONZE: Appropriate for lower-level State and TCSL Cities teams.

***Registration for the 2023 Salvo SC Fall Classic is now closed.***

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