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Information to Become a Referee

For information on the steps to become a review, refer to MN State Referee Committee step by step document and/or watch the video from the state.

If you would like to ref for Salvo Soccer Club, you must complete the steps below.

  1. Read the Expectations & Requirements below.
  2. Complete the referee Certification through the Minnesota SRC

We offer a junior soccer referee program. This initiative is aimed at training and developing young individuals to officiate soccer matches at the recreational level and does not require the USSF certification. This program is designed for participants, 12+ individuals, who are interested in soccer and wish to become referees. The program provides training in the rules and regulations of soccer, as well as practical experience in officiating matches and is a paid position. Please view here for more information.

Icon Expectations & Requirements

All referees must abide by Salvo Soccer Club’s Expectations and Requirements. Salvo SC reserves the right not to assign you to games and/or to remove you from games that you have already been assigned to for failure to abide by these Expectations and Requirements. These apply to ALL Salvo SC referees, irrespective of age or experience level.

Mandatory attendance at all games for which you are scheduled: If you fail to show up to a game that you have been assigned without contacting the Salvo Soccer Club’s Referee Assignor and/or without due cause, you may be removed from future assignments. If you find a sub for your game, you must notify Salvo Soccer Club's Referee Assignor before the game.

Arrive at each game with proper attire and equipment: All refs will wear proper refereeing attire: official referee (Yellow primary, recommend blue as backup) shirt, black footwear, and black shorts (no stripes and proper length, short shorts or basketball shorts are not appropriate) and no jewelry. You also need to bring a whistle, flags, cards, a reliable stopwatch, etc. Salvo Soccer Club reserves the right to remove refs from future assignments of referees who consistently fail to wear the proper attire or bring the necessary equipment.

Arrive at each game 20 minutes before the scheduled start time: All officials will arrive at the field a minimum of 20 minutes before kick-off, ready to check the teams in and start the game on time. If you are running late, please notify the other referees assigned to the game. If you do not have their contact info, call or text Colleen Hase at 612-655-3556 (if texting, please include your name and what game you will be late for). If you arrive late and a replacement has been called in, you will not be paid for that game. Salvo Soccer Club reserves the right to remove refs from future assignments who consistently fail to arrive in a timely manner.

Exhibit professionalism at all times: Professionalism includes your attitude and demeanor on the field, the manner in which you interact with players, coaches, and spectators, and also such matters as only taking the monies due to you and informing the Referee Assigner or other club official of any known conflict of interest [e.g., refereeing a close friend or family member].

After Game Report: ALL refs, including ARs, need to agree on who will be entering the After Game Report information in the Assigning software for any games that ask for it.

IconCertification & Recertification

A summary of the certification procedures is listed below. For more information on the process, please refer to the Training Requirements page on the Minnesota State Referee Committee website. If you have any questions on the certification or recertification process, please contact Colleen Hase.


  1. Set up a new account on
  2. Pay the registration fees based on your age
  3. Complete the online training (approximately 15 hours)

Recertification is required annually. Registration is open. Each level has different requirements depending on if you are staying at the same level or upgrading. Please refer to the SRC site for your requirements.

The MNSRC has created the following document that will walk you through the process:

Our referee coordinator, Colleen, has also created a 4-minute video that will walk you through the process:

*Recertification Video*

If you run into any issues or have any questions please contact Colleen.

Thanks, and we look forward to working with you in the future!


Twin Cities Soccer League has posted its referee manual to provide match-day guidance on how to check teams in and report issues to the league. Please familiarize yourself with this manual:

Twin Cities Soccer League Referee Manual

MYSA uses Affinity for league management. This includes an online team check-in and the center referee posting the match report online. MYSA expects the match report to be completed the same day of the game.

ALL REFS (Including ARs) should set up an Affinity account. ARs can also help with the online check-in at the field.

Affinity Support Line - 855-703-2578 (call this number if there is an issue with Affinity during team check-in).

If you are assigned a National League game, please review the below links. There are different modifications than MYSA and also different reporting requirements.

IconJunior Referee Program

The junior soccer referee program is an initiative aimed at training and developing young individuals to officiate soccer matches at the recreational level. Participants in a junior soccer referee program often start at a young age, typically around 12 to 14 years old, although this can vary depending on the organization running the program. The training usually covers topics such as the laws of the game, signals and gestures used by referees, decision-making skills, conflict resolution, and match management.

Please visit the Junior Referee website for more information.


Salvo Soccer Club uses Assignr to communicate and assign games. Below are the instructions on how to join, along with other helpful hints.

IconNew Users

Visit Assignr and select Create a New Assignr Account:

Create A New Assignr Account Example Button Image
IconCurrent Assignr User

Visit Assignr and select I Have an Assignr:

I have an Assignr Account Example Button Image

Additional Referee Questions

If you have any questions about the process of becoming a referee, joining the referee mentor program, or using any of the referee systems, please contact Colleen Hase anytime.


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