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Salvo SC + Training HAUS

Salvo SC is partnering with Training HAUS to integrate performance training into the Girls Academy and High Performance teams for Boys and Girls. By adding this plan to the teams’ annual training calendar, athletes can align performance/strength training alongside recovery/mobility throughout their comprehensive season.

Girls Academy athletes will be training twice per week with HAUS staff, while High Performance athletes will be training once per week throughout a 40-week schedule over the course of the year.

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Make Greater Strides With Training HAUS

When working with Training HAUS staff, athletes can expect an exemplary and innovative facility, with assistance from experts using science-based methods to create personalized training approaches.

Support for Athletes & Coaches

Training Haus provides objective data and information to athletes and coaches regarding performance standards through testing and performance training. When both the athlete and coach have the same data, this aids in bridging the gap between technical training and overall athletic performance.

Optimization of Performance

Athletes will benefit from comprehensive training in ways like

  • Movement efficiency
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Resiliency to force exposures (strength)
  • Speed capability
  • Repeated spring efforts
  • High acceleration/time to max velocity and rapid decelerations
  • Change of direction efficiency

High-Risk Identification

Training HAUS works to identify high-risk athletes and overall load through practices and games with the goal to reduce time-loss injuries. Trainers help athletes by placing an emphasis on improving landing and jumping mechanics, more efficiency when changing direction, and monitoring the volume through practice, games, and performance training.

Support Coaches

Specific coaches are assigned to Salvo SC and travel to large tournaments with teams to aid in warm-ups and recovery.

HAUS Biomechanics

Each Girls Academy player will receive individualized biomechanical analysis within Training HAUS Biomechanics Lab.

Sports Psychology

Athletes and coaches will have access to the Introduction to Premier Sports Psychology to learn collaborative approaches to performance training and execution.

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