The Sideline Project


The Sideline Project
Salvo Soccer Club
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The Sideline Project

Twin Cities Soccer Leagues is excited to announce the launch of The Sideline Project for our member clubs in conjunction with the Soccer Parenting Association.

TCSL believes that a positive game day experience is critical to the health of youth soccer and invites your membership to actively be part of making real, substantive change.

A positive sideline culture will keep more players playing.
A positive sideline culture will keep more coaches coaching.
A positive sideline culture will keep more referees refereeing.

We are asking our parents to complete a 15-minute course about sideline behavior and pledge to be a difference maker during this summer season and beyond. There is a competition between Salvo SC and other members of TCSL, so please help us win!!

We firmly believe that by working together and being good stewards of the experience, we CAN create lasting change.

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